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Phobias & Fears

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If you have a phobia and/or inappropriate fear, then you probably realise that your fear is out of proportion but you are still unable to control your feelings.

Often merely thinking about the object you fear, or seeing it on TV or a computer screen, may make you anxious. Actually being exposed to the thing you fear feels overwhelming and the terror may seem beyond your control.

Fears and phobias can impact on your life in many ways. They can disrupt your day, prevent you from having medical treatment because you have a fear of needles (Trypanophobia), or a fear of hospitals (Nosocomephobia)/fear of doctors (Iatrophobia). A fear of bees (Apiphobia) could stop you joining friends or family in the garden or park on a lovely summer day.

Fears and Phobias can put a strain on your relationships, embarrass you, affect your confidence and self-esteem and stop you from doing so many things that you would really like to do.

Even if you are able to make yourself go to places that you would like to go or do things you would like to do, your fear or phobia will still reduce your enjoyment.

What you may not realise, is that even when the object of your fear of or phobia is not present e.g. the spider, the bird, flying etc., you will still be experiencing an unnecessary level of anxiety, because your subconscious mind will always be on the alert for the object of your fear.

I do not use ‘exposure therapy’ with my clients (gradually increasing the level of exposure to the object of your fear).

As the triggers for the Phobia/Fear comes from the subconscious, analytical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and mindfulness are quick, effective and very comfortable ways to reach your subconscious and relieve you of the Phobia/Fear for good. Many fears and phobias, depending on their root cause, can often be cured in just one single session.

Imagine how wonderful it would be to be free once and for all of that fear or phobia and the negative impact it has on you, your life and those around you.

It is possible to develop a phobia of almost anything, some people have more than one and it is possible to cure them, here are some of the most common phobias:

  • Fear of spiders (Arachnophobia)
  • Fear of snakes (Ophidiophobia)
  • Fear of heights (Acrophobia)
  • Fear of birds (Ornithophobia)
  • Fear of moths (Mottephobia)
  • Fear of butterflies (Lepidopterophobia)
  • Fear of death or dead things (Necrophobia)
  • Fear of dogs (Cynophobia)
  • Fear of confined spaces(Claustrophobia)
  • Fear of clowns (Coulrophobia)
  • Fear of dolls (Pediophobia)
  • Fear of blood (Hemophobia)
  • Fear of public speaking (Glossophobia)
  • Fear of darkness (Nyctophobia)
  • Fear of crowded places (Agoraphobia)
  • Fear of germs (Mysophobia)
  • Fear of balloons (Globophobia)
  • Fear of flying (Aerophobia)
  • Fear of death (Thanatophobia)
  • Fear of driving (Vehophobia)

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