"Diagnosed with emphysema 2 years ago ... had tried to give up using all the usual stuff like patches, pills, fake fags none of it worked, so decided to try hypnosis, it worked in just one go 10 months ago and I don’t miss it at all.

JBH – Derby


"During a period of stress and anxiety in my life, a friend recommended that I talk to Carol. I wasn’t keen on taking anti-depressants but was nervous as I didn’t know anything about how hypnotherapy worked. Carol explained the process and benefits of it, which put my mind at ease. After only a couple of sessions I felt able to get on with my life again. Thank you, Carol.

Claire – Derbyshire

Driving Test

"Failed driving test 3 times ... I was very nervous about trying hypnosis thought it would be like you see on TV, where you don’t know what’s going on and have no control but it wasn’t ... Past my test, I enjoyed it as I felt soooo relaxed and confident’

Philip – Derby


I had a presentation to do and my last presentation I made a complete fool of myself because the nerves were so bad that my throat dried up and I couldn’t get my words out. But thanks to Carol I was able to confront my fear and I went on to do a presentation confidently and I felt so proud of myself when my feedback was " confident and calm manner"

Kim – Nottingham

Weight Loss

"I had been three stone over weight, ever since giving birth to my daughter, fifteen years ago ... we discussed my weight problem and my history and decided that I may need more than the single session weight loss programme. Took me less than four months to reach my ideal weight and have kept it off ever since ... I know that I will never go back to thinking about food the way I used’.

Sally – Ashby De la Zouch

Weight Loss

"One session was all it took and listening to the CD at home, can’t begin to tell you what a change it has made to my life, being free of all that weight. Finally the real me is revealed."

Angela – Nottinghamshire

Gastric Band – Weight Loss

"Was I nervous? – yes. Did I think it would work? – wasn’t sure. Am I glad I tried it? – absolutely. I’ve not only lost weight but I’ve gained confidence, peace and tranquillity."

Julie – Loughborough


"I just kept bursting in to tears for no reason at all... It was affecting my children, my job and my marriage. The doctors wanted to put me on anti depressants but thankfully my sister, who had hypnotherapy before, suggested I try it first, as she put it ‘it is better to find the cause than to keep masking the symptoms’. By working with Carol, I now know what the problems were and she has helped me address them and put them to rest. The difference in me is amazing, my family, friends and work colleagues have all noticed the positive changes in me. Sometimes you just don’t realise how long you have been feeling bad until you are feeling better."

Judy – Nottinghamshire


"The first few weeks were emotionally upsetting for me but with Carol’s help and calming voice guiding me through the session. I was able to see how much pressure I placed on myself and I was able to see how I wasn’t putting myself first and how I didn’t value myself. With her help I am now a confident, calmer person and a happier person. She has helped me so much that I am now in the middle of a degree course and I KNOW my future is bright. This would never have been possible before I saw Carol. Thank you."

RK – Nottingham


"I couldn’t even bring myself to lean out of my 1st floor bedroom window………… now, I can lean over the edge of the top floor of a multi story carpark, it is just wonderful."

Daisy – Derby

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