All of our thoughts, behaviour and beliefs are guided by our subconscious mind, it is there that the root cause can be determined and beneficial change can begin with the aid of Suggestion and Analytical Hypnotherapy.

22One concern for people who are new to hypnotherapy,  is that they will lose control when under hypnosis.  However, this is just not the case, Hypnosis is simply a very relaxed mental state, often not unlike that of day dreaming, where your subconscious mind is open to positive suggestions.

Most people under hypnosis, although very relaxed, are fully aware of their surroundings and no one can be made to do anything under hypnosis that they would not consciously want to do.

As an experienced and qualified Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist, I am able to use Analytical Hypnosis and NLP to remove a person’s fears or Phobias, improve their Confidence, their Self-Image, relieve their Depression, Anxiety and Stress and empower them to obtain other emotional or physical goals, such as Weight Loss, Quitting Smoking, Passing Exams and Driving Tests.

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) has also been shown to be a very effective tool as it goes way beyond basic therapy techniques.

group 1 v2Providing you with the ability to change or remove your unwanted behaviours, by changing your well established habits and beliefs in a positive way to achieve your desired goal.



  • I provide, free of charge, a Telephone consultation so that I may address any questions that you may have.If you would like a FREE Telephone consultation or to make an appointment contact me on o1332 600123 / 07912 622927  or you email me at : carol@ambertree.co.uk

AmberTree is based in Borrowash Derby, close to J25 of M1 and A52,  making the practice easy to reach from all surrounding areas including Nottingham, Long Eaton, Loughborough, Castle Donington, Ilkeston, Kegworth, Repton and Burton on Trent.